KHC's AMC episodes.

If you have found Keith Hamilton Cobbs interview, or he will have meeting with fans, or anything else, here is the place to announce your news. And you are welcome to just share with other fans, what you think about Keith Hamilton Cobb.

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KHC's AMC episodes.

Post by Ashanti » Mon Mar 24, 2008 3:56 pm

Hey all,

Since I remember quite a few people from both this and the old KHCMB wanting to own/watch some of the AMC episodes featuring Keith, I thought this bit of info might be of some interest/use to you.

Just a few days back, I've come in contact with a very nice lady named Stacey who owns (and is willing to sell) 8 AMC episodes on DVD featuring Noah and Julia's wedding from back in June 1996 - here is her AMC page where you can find a detailed description of the eps.
There you'll also find her email addresses (she has two); for a faster reply to any queries you might have, she advices to use the aol addy since it's her primary one.

Also, she's willing to refer people whom are interested in buying complete AMC eps, to someone else she knows off line who owns quite a bit of them from Mid 1994 to present day - I'm pretty sure this person will have at least a few featuring Keith and Sydney Penny's storyline from back in the day (if not all of them) is certainly worth enquiring about it.

Hope this helps! :D
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