Closure Needed Keith, Regarding The IOL

If you have found Keith Hamilton Cobbs interview, or he will have meeting with fans, or anything else, here is the place to announce your news. And you are welcome to just share with other fans, what you think about Keith Hamilton Cobb.

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Closure Needed Keith, Regarding The IOL

Post by D.Rabbit » Mon Jun 12, 2006 3:59 am

Hi Keith,
Just in case your lurking I want to ask you questions that are better left to the web then to me tracking you down and cornering you in public. I'm as fearsome as any high priced criminal lawyer when it comes not letting anyone get away with brushing me off. I think you know that by now, right?

Since it's obvious my snail mail will be intercepted by O. and you never reply to them directly anyways, this is my only recourse to let you know that I would like to have closure on this subject and the reason behind the locking of the second IOL so that it slipped into oblivion.

People came to your board to find out about you. That was the purpose of the IOL, to inform new members of all that the current members had to offer as information.

It makes no sense what so ever that this well thought out, 5 star, edited, and censored, thread not be allowed as a sticky.

You gave no reason, and when I asked, that thread was locked on a nit picky technical reason that could have been cured by correcting an omitted question mark?

Then your mod C. told everyone to shut up about it in the free speech venue, turning a free speech society in to a society of fear.

Please give me and the rest of the folks who worked so hard collecting information on your work the closure that we deserve and tell us what actually happened, your reasons why.

I could only conjecture personal reason why, because it was my screen name on the thread.

That thread as a sticky had the endorsement of many of the members including Osiris.
Why oh why was it treated like a leper, and locked away out of sight?

It's not high on my need to know list, but it would be a lovely gesture on your part to help us all understand you better.
Blessed Be.
Unconditional Love is all you need.

Osiris Under Glass

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