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for the tech heads ;)

Post by mare_serenitatis » Sat Mar 25, 2006 2:48 pm

since some of you have their own boards, this might interest you:

List of this board's hacks:
  • *Restricted profile view profiles are visible only for logged in members. This protects us from address-collectors for spammers.
    *quick reply with quote quick reply window at bottom of thread. With button to quote previous message.
    *memberlist by letter allows you find a specific user faster by sorting the memberlist by letter
    *show sender in PM if you chose to get a notification mail when you get a PM, this hack not only informs you that you have a PM but also tells you who sent it. This way you'll get an idea whether it's something important or whether it can wait.
    *edit postcount allows admins to edit your postcount. Useful for restoring deleted accounts or for games where you can win postcount
    *calendar every user can add entries to the calendar so that they are visible for everyone on the board. For example their birthdays or anniversaries. Please see Forum Tour for details
    *photo album there are 2 cathegories: private and public albums. Admins can see all, normal users can only see their own private album and the public ones. Please see Forum Tour for details
    *chatbox a little java-based chat. Only very basic,but useful when MSN is down yet again or when you want to have a quick word with another user. Please mind that these chats can't be logged and that other users that enter the chat can read what you wrote before they entered. (so no cybersex if there are minors around ;) ) Please see Forum Tour for more details.
    *PM export allowed you to download all your PMs as one textfile onto your computer. Useful if you get a lot of messages you want to keep.
    *Tic tac toe well, admittedly that's no vital feature. I used it only to show Santaman how to install an additional feature.
    *unbreakable layout since I run a low screen resolution I have problems with images or signatures that exceed my screen width. I was sick of scrolling like crazy and so I installed this little gadget that automatically resizes big pics and sigs to fiit the respective screen size.
    *config secure a security feature. It locks a few backdoors and protects us from script kids and crackers.
    *customize ranks allows every user to chose their own rank (feel free to pick "admin", but that doesn't man you get the respective powers, heehee :blurp: )
    *printer friendly topic removes all images and signatures and turns the thread into a textfile which you can print out with a mouseclick. Please see Forum Tour for details.
    *merge topics allows a Mod or Admin to merge two threads into one. However, every silver lining has its cloud: the hack simply takes the posts and attaches them like a zipper: one from the first thread, one from the second thread, one from the first and so on. This way a question can land behind the answer.
    *spell check vital, if you are a typo-queen like myself :mrgreen:
    *forum tour a pop up that explains the more complicated ones of the additional features
I am considering to add another hack called cemented topic. This allows us to sort thrads in a certain order and fix them into their place. Unlike a sticky topic, they won't stay at the top of the page. Only their position relatively to each other will remain the same. I think that might maybe come handy with the reposted old threads.

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