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SP 1.3.2

Post by Lea_ » Thu Jan 05, 2006 6:58 pm

The board is up-graded. If you'll find anything what doesn't work, please tell.

That's what was changed:
Security Fixes:
YaBBC.pl javascript code execution disallowed with glow/shadow tags
Adminedit.pl fixed to not allow code execution in settings.pl
Remove line breaks from subject variable

Bug Fixes:
Remaining notification bugs removed
"Mark All Read" while using text menu fixed
Messageindex.pl variable bug fixed
Template.html couldn’t be moved/opened because of open statement
Wrong error reported with move thread file problem
Path error function added to stop ../ error infinite loops
Fix for / me usage in post quotes
Board ID removed from registration link to prevent access errors

Layout Changes/Fixes:
Template.html installation security advisory added
New default template
New Logo
Title tags added to critical images so proper browsers display tool tip

Corrected several technical mistakes in the PDF manual
IIS/NT installation permissions added to PDF manual
Included YaBB Security FAQ in PDF manual
Cleaned up HTML help manual and converted to XHTML
Re-included YPL in PDF manual and revised
Added troubleshooting section to PDF manual

Database for member info to speed up profile changes and registration

Friendliness Changes:
Copyrights and comment headers all updated
Auto-focus to form fields on post page removed

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