"Hapgood" (December 2nd through 12, 2010)

Discussion about all the stuff Keith has worked on,
along with what he will work on in the future

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Re: "Hapgood" (December 2nd through 12, 2010)

Post by Ashanti » Sun Dec 19, 2010 9:16 pm

Yeah next time for sure sis!
In my defence I tried contacting you on Facebook a few days before I flew to NYC, but when I got no reply I thought you may be busy with RL stuff...maybe I made a mistake in not giving you the cell number I was using over there anyway, like you said, we could've linked up even if you didn't attend any of the performances.
I was staying with Hubby for the week, but I still managed to meet up with a couple of friends regardless of that fact, you know how it is with men; so long as you give'em a lil'sugar at the end of the day, they pretty much let you get away with anything! :wink:
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Re: "Hapgood" (December 2nd through 12, 2010)

Post by Ricochet » Thu Dec 23, 2010 9:15 am

OMG! I had the best time of my life! I was scared to death and very nervous, but, I'd wasted too much time freaking out because Keith was such a sweet heart! Well, if it means anything, I'm his fan for life now! Also I apologize that this photo is so big, I didn't know how to resize it. . . . . . :+{ Image]

Keith Hamilton Cobb in “Hapgood”

I've finally come down off the ceiling where I've been plastered since the evening of 12/04/2010! What happened that evening? Three friends and I went to see Keith Hamilton Cobb live in the Off-Broadway play “Hapgood”.

First we all went for dinner at a quaint little Spanish restaurant in the area by the theater. It was literally across the street from the theater!

While my friends loaded up on delicious Spanish food, I just picked at appetizers because I was hyped to the max ( not good in my condition ) and too nervous to eat. So I just picked. And I couldn't even finish that. You'd think this was the first time seeing Keith but it wasn't. I'd seen him before, but this time I was going to meet and greet him personally! Oh woe is me!

After dinner we went straight to the theater and lined up to get tickets in the tiny lobby. I was so busy concentrating on getting my tickets and playbill that according to my one of my friends I missed Keith is he walked in behind me and went to the back! Now, how did I miss something so big?

Now, “Hapgood” was being performed in a very tiny neighborhood theater with a tiny stage that is only about ten inches high and about 12 feet away from the front row seats. I was sitting with my friends in the B row which is the front row. However, I was more towards the left.

Before the play started the house lights went black and the next thing you heard were radio transmissions. Spy chatter. They were following someone and the someone had given them the slip. However, that is not what REALLY caught my attention!

When the lights came up, Keith was standing in the extreme right corner of the stage which was to my immediate left and IN FRONT OF ME, and dressed in all black! My mouth sagged open, my eyes bugged and I almost fell out of my seat! Had not one friend held on to me I would've gone "SPLAT" right there.

Of course, you know everyone had a wonderful time poking fun at me and laughing during the intermission and after the play. Perhaps it was good my friend didn't tell me because I might have bolted!

As for the play it was excellent! I especially thought it was good because Keith had a much larger part in it than he did than in “The Duchess of Malfi”. In that play he played a series of different parts and characters and it became kind of confusing.

In “Hapgood” he was one specific character, a Mr. Wate. The play was not only about spies, but relationships and would you believe quantum physics? Thank goodness for my long time love of Star Trek, because of this I was able to understand what one of the characters was talking about! Plus, to me the play was really funny in some parts, because the dialog was very witty. And unlike “The Duchess of Malfi” where the entire cast dies one by one. Only one person dies in “Hapgood”. No, it wasn't Keith . . . . .

When the play was over, we all waited in the lobby to see Keith. Again I was a nervous wreck because this was about to be My Moment Of Truth. He knew about me, but didn't actually know “who” I was. So I waited in a kind of receiving line while my other friends and folks from a message board called Ex-Isle, introduced themselves, spoke with, gave him little trinkets, and took photos with him.

Leave it up to me I would've missed him again! He was dressed plainly in a pair of blue jeans, blue plaid lumberjack shirt, brown boots, brown Indian fringed jacket that had conchos. He is very unassuming without his dreadlocks! If you really don't look at him, Keith is very easy to miss, despite his height!

When it was my turn to step up, ASHANTI introduced me. When she said my name he immediately knew who I was! Only he was thrown off by my hair. I too had cut off my dreadlocks, so he kept looking at me and asking “What am I missing here?” and I told him it was “The Hair.” I also told him I was planning to grow it back but it will be all gray. He told me I will be in good company because his was gray also.

Keith was very sweet and took a lot of pictures with us. Thanks to one of my friends I have some decent ones to remember the day and post. My brand new camera pooped out on me! Sigh, don't ask.

All in all I had a wonderful time! Keith did a wonderful job as Mr. Wate in “Hapgood”! Many Kudos to him! I'm eagerly awaiting his next production. I heard that he may be in Denver Colorado next February. I won't be able to go to that one, but I'll give everyone a heads up, just in case you'd like to go and see him. You won't regret it.
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Re: "Hapgood" (December 2nd through 12, 2010)

Post by sprinkles » Fri Dec 24, 2010 9:23 pm

Whow Ricochet, I can see from the picture that you had a wonderful time. I am so happy you guys were able to go, and thank you so much for this post. I only wish I could have join you guys those picture you'll posted shows what a exciting time it was. I remember so well my first encounter with that brilliant Actors, reading your post brought back memories. He still looks great and I know he acted his talented butt off. as if he wouldn't right Lol!!!! I know this will be a great Christmas for you'll Have a Merry one and sweet dreams. all

May Santa bring you'll what you desire most. :lol:

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