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Here are the rules for posting in Moderator actions:

If you have an issue with a warning given to you by a Moderator or Administrator, please take it up with them via PM before posting here. If, after exchanging PMs, the issue still isn't resolved, or the Mod/Admin in question asks you to, you may start a thread about it here for other Mods and posters to weigh in on. If, after a period of time, the issue hasn't been resolved in the thread, and the Mod/Admin that issued the warning has not changed their mind regarding the warning, the site Admin (either Elmo Dukat, or RJDiogenes) will weigh in and make the final decision. Their decision is final, and you must accept your fate. Bringing up warnings that have already been settled in future threads is NOT allowed, and users who do so may have further action taken against them by the Moderating Staff. Let's not beat a dead horse people.

Any personal issues with a Mod or Admin are not to be brought into this forum. This forum is for discussion of and appealing warnings, not mudslinging. If you have a specific issue with a Mod or admin, please PM the Mod/Admin in question, or if the situation is not resolved, another Admin or Mod so that the issue may be raised amongst the Moderating staff, and dealt with accordingly. The same goes with issues you may have with individual posters. PM either the poster (in a diplomatic manner), or a Mod from the forum the issue occurred in, so that they can help resolve the situation.

When posting in an MA Thread opened by someone else, post only if what you have to say is valid to the discussion at hand, and may offer a point of view relevant to the Warning being discussed. Any off topic discussion discussion, or dragging issues not relevant to the Warning into the thread is not welcome, and may earn you a warning.

Also, no QSF threads are to be posted in here.
If you have a general, non-poster or Mod/Admin specific problem to bring to the attention of others, please post it in the QSF Forum, located here.

It is important that these rules are followed so that any business conducted in here can be handled as quickly and as smoothly as possible.
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