The Last Talbot - Poem

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The Last Talbot - Poem

Post by RJDiogenes » Wed Sep 03, 2008 11:41 pm

The Last Talbot
© 2007 Rick Hutchins

How I hate the moon! -
Cursed orb! The things it's done!
Never should a father endure this hell,
to have killed his only son.
Dear God, what is the meaning? -
Reveal it! Make me understand!
Why is a young man in an early grave?
Why is there blood on my hands?
My son did nothing! -
He was innocent! And brave!
He threw himself against the wolf's attack
so a stranger might be saved!
The curse was his reward -
no blame is his! No fault!
It was the tainted bite that drove him
to the murders and assaults.
Like son, like father -
I sought only to defend!
But in striking down a wild animal,
I brought my son's life to an end!
How can I forgive myself? -
This cursed liquor does no good.
If I could only give up my life for my son,
dear God, you know I would!
More drink will be my poison -
I pray I die! I pray it's soon!
I cannot endure one more night like this!
Oh, how I hate the moon….
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