The Cold - Poem

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The Cold - Poem

Post by RJDiogenes » Sun Oct 05, 2008 2:13 pm

This was written for the very first Kellyz Writing Contest in January 2007:

© 2008 Rick Hutchins

The new house was old;
old as emancipation
And cold as damnation
The bellicose wind pounded
tiny stinging particles of snow
around the edges of the window frames
as creeping cracking claws of frost
crawled up inside the panes.
In the kitchen, an antique iron
claw-footed stove
sat open, casting a warming breath
over the bassinet on the floor
so the baby wouldn't freeze to death.
And, while the parents fought
as bitterly as winter,
the oldest boy curled up
beside the ancient furnace in the cellar.
Wrapped in a patchwork quilt,
a down womb gestating an unlikely nostalgia,
he drew what heat he could
from the struggling old machine.
Books piled to the left,
books piled to the right,
he sheltered himself from the cold
and spun emancipation from damnation.
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