Hyperlight 2 - Sufficiently Advanced Technology

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Hyperlight 2 - Sufficiently Advanced Technology

#1 Post by Jim Gamma » January 31st, 2016, 10:11 am

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Two months after being thrown out of the Academy, Jekka Varr returns to Earth to investigate the escape of the psychopathic Captain Ovek from custody. Meanwhile, Susan and Eric Delaney discover that there is much more to one of Susan's fellow actors than meets the eye, and the twins are once again embroiled in a mystery of Earth-shattering proportions as they rush to Jekka's aid once more.

With Jekka's presence desperately needed on Earth, and her girlfriend Alliko Mavell joining her, it falls to Cadets Nolla Drex and Rasson Tereena to defend the actions she was forced to take two months ago as Admiral Lothariel attempts to convince his fellow flag officers that his actions in throwing the young pilot out of the service were justified.

Stretched to the limit, the EDF crew in high Earth orbit must defend the planet against alien interference, recover Captain Ovek, and ensure Jekka reaches the final meeting of the Advisory Board that will determine her future - all while keeping themselves from being discovered by humans. They may even begin to solve an ancient mystery along the way.

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