Hyperlight 4 - The Ties that Bind

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Hyperlight 4 - The Ties that Bind

#1 Post by Jim Gamma » October 4th, 2016, 11:42 pm

One month after recovering the ancient Selenean hyperlight vessel Explorer One, the EDF plan to return it to its point of origin. This will be a massive undertaking, requiring the resources of one of the Alliance's Mobile Bases, hundreds of crewmembers, and not a little support from the four humans aware of the Alliance's existence. Even with the aid of the original pilot, Tabath Sentoris, and engineer Zurian Duva, meeting their deadline may prove impossible, particularly as the secrets of the vessel's long history continue to loom over its discoverers.

Tabath Sentoris' insights are not just limited to the ship itself, however. After working up the courage to tell her rescuers of the fate of her original mission, she remains convinced that they're missing something. As the EDF continues its preparations in orbit of Jupiter, she joins forces with Susan Delaney and a team of EDF officers and cadets to play her hunch, and in doing so, reveals dark secrets one of the EDF's most respected officers had sought to keep hidden. When seen in the cold light of day, these secrets could spell disaster for the Interstellar Trade Alliance.


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Re: Hyperlight 4 - The Ties that Bind

#2 Post by RJDiogenes » October 5th, 2016, 10:55 pm

Great book, with lots of character building, relationship building, and world building. The space archaeology plotline of refurbishing an ancient ship and returning it to its homeworld is the framework on which it all hangs, while ominous portents bubble in the background. :unsure:
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