Blast from the past: Demo scene stuff...

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Blast from the past: Demo scene stuff...

#1 Post by Santaman » December 28th, 2009, 8:21 pm

This was supposed to be just a LJ post about some music made a long time ago but I guess it has become quite a neat article. :)

Starting with the music.

Satelite one by Purple Motion, one of the demo scene tracker songs, this version is the one from Purple Motion's "Music Disk" CD
Another one of his songs, this one is called "Starshine"
This is what a so called Tracker program looks like, and yes every second of sound is programmed one bleep by one bleep and strung together, oldschool .MOD files had only 4 channels, later on with more advanced trackers you has 32 channels or more so you can imagine how timeconsuming it has been to create music on a computer in the early years, there were trackers for Commodore 64's and Amiga's, Atari's and of course the PC.
^^ Entry about the Scream Tracker.
^^ That is one of those Demo's from the early 90's it might look a bit crude but do remember there were NO 3D cards, NO CGI programs, the size of that demo is 2 Megabyte, yes it fits on two floppies...
^^ Article about the Demo ... p&fileinfo

^^ Thats the download location of the original demo, if you have a nice 80486 with 4Mb RAM and a Soundblaster Pro/16/compatible card or a Gravis Utrasound then you can play it.

Another demo from the old days Fishtro 1992 DOS demo, the music is delightful :D starts at about 1:20 into the demo... siiigh sometimes I miss those days..

Other old one... DOPE from 1995 the music is awesome, its a 32 channel .MOD file,. must have taken ages to create.
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