Blood Ties-A New Series Based on the Blood Books (TanyaHuff)

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Blood Ties-A New Series Based on the Blood Books (TanyaHuff)

#1 Post by PhoenixHope » March 11th, 2007, 8:04 pm

For those out there who haven't read the Blood Books - you can find out about them by clicking here.

Anyway, the television series will air its first episode tonight on Lifetime! Two hour opener.

I can tell you (from reading the comments she leaves in her LJ) that Tanya Huff is excited about this TV series based on her books. I believe she even wrote one (maybe two) episodes. *crosses fingers* So I'm hopeful that the TV series will be good. Buffy is long gone and Blade wasn't that good - I need another vampire series.

For more details on the television series, check out this link. First episode airs tonight!
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